Frequently Asked Questions

What is's online video maker?’s online video maker is a tool that allows businesses to create promotional videos, how-to videos, and other types of videos easily and efficiently.

How does's AI video maker speed up production and reduce costs?’s AI video maker utilizes artificial intelligence features to automate the video creation process, eliminating the need for hiring a professional video production team. This speeds up production and reduces costs significantly.

In what scenarios can's video creation tool be used?’s video creation tool can be used for various scenarios, including promotional videos, how-to videos, product demos, business presentations, and more.

What is the process of creating videos with's tool?

The process is simple. Users enter the necessary content, and the AI video maker generates the video automatically.

Does provide any tutorials or support for using their video creation tools?

Yes, provides detailed video tutorials to help users easily and effectively utilize their video creation tools.

Are's products and features regularly updated?

Yes, regularly updates their products and features to ensure they meet the evolving needs of their customers.