How to Use YouTube’s Multi Audio Track Feature

Are you interested in exploring YouTube’s latest addition, the “multi-language tracks” feature? If you’re curious about how to utilize this feature to include multiple audio tracks in your YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at YouTube’s multi-audio track feature, explaining what it entails.

We’ll guide content creators on how to incorporate multiple language audio tracks into their YouTube videos, and for viewers, we’ll explain how to enjoy the video in their preferred language.

What is YouTube’s Multi-audio Track Feature?

Add Multi-Language Audio Tracks on YouTube - YouTube

YouTube’s multi-language audio feature empowers creators to expand their video reach by incorporating audio tracks in various languages. This feature enables creators to upload additional language audio tracks to both new and existing videos, allowing them to connect with a broader global audience.

Once these additional language audio tracks are upload by creators, viewers can select their preferred audio track from the same menu where they typically adjust settings like subtitles or audio quality.

Please keep in mind that this feature is relatively new, and not all users may have access to it, especially the ability to switch between different language audio tracks. YouTube has stated that they are progressively rolling out this feature to more creators and videos.

How to Use the YouTube’s Multi-audio Track Feature?

Now, let’s explore how to utilize YouTube’s multiple audio tracks feature to create a YouTube video with multiple audio options and how to watch YouTube content in your preferred language.

Adding Multi-language Audio Tracks to YouTube This feature enables video owners to enhance their video’s accessibility to international audiences without the need to upload separate videos for each language option.

Step 1:

Begin by signing in to YouTube Studio on your computer, then select “Subtitles” from the left menu.

Step 2:

Identify the video to which you want to add multi-language audio tracks.

Step 3:

Under the “Audio” section, click “ADD,” and then select the appropriate audio file by clicking “SELECT FILE.”

Step 4:

After choosing the audio file, click “PUBLISH” to upload your audio track.

Please note that this feature does not automatically generate dubbed audio tracks. You’ll need to create dubbed audio tracks or obtain audio tracks in different languages using a third-party tool, which will be introduced as a bonus tip in the final section of this post.

YouTube's Multiple Audio Tracks


In conclusion, adding multiple languages to your YouTube videos through the multi-language audio feature opens up significant opportunities for reaching a global audience. There’s no longer a need to upload separate videos for each language; now, you can create diversity and inclusivity within the same piece of content. This makes it easier to share your message and content with a wider global audience, providing a better experience for both creators and viewers alike.


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