Step-by-Step Guide: Convert Text/Excel to Video in Minutes

How To Make Videos With Text

Step 1: Select the Text-to-video tab on the dashboard into a video animation.

Step 2: Set project name

Step 3: Choose video type

Step 4: Select Duration,

Step 5: Choose your keywords

Step 6: Create Title 

Check your title in the box below.

Step 7: Create Content 

  • Your video scrip appears after steps before.
  •  Edit the script.

Step 8: Watch the exported video to ensure that it meets your expectations.

How To Make Videos With Excel

Step 1: Prepare your Excel data.

Open your Excel file and make sure it contains the data you want to transform.

Organize the data in a structured manner, such as using columns and rows.

Step 2: Import Excel data into the text-to-video software.

  • Open ALTECH.AI software and create a new project or composition.
  • Look for the option to import an Excel file.
  • Locate and select the exported .xlsx file from Step 1.

Step 3: Review and refine the title.

Step 4: Export the text-to-video video.

  • Once you are satisfied with the animation, export it as a video file.